Design and Installation
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Jeffrey J. Harrison, PE LEED AP:

Jeff Harrison has been a consulting engineer providing mechanical, plumbing and fire protection services in the State of Maine and throughout New England since 1979.

Currently as an Applications Engineer for Blake Group Holdings (BGH), specializing in Alternative Energy, Mr. Harrison spends a considerable portion of his time at BGH providing “Peak Performance Solutions” facility energy review services as part of a comprehensive plan to convert buildings from fossil fuels to integrated hybrid thermal solar and geo-exchange energy systems.

Beginning about 2012, Mr. Harrison began working with Geoexchange systems from a forensic engineering perspective to understand why systems were routinely underperforming from expectations. Based on this in depth understanding of the science of how geoexchange works, Mr. Harrison developed a new paradigm for “Near Net Zero Energy HVAC by Design” that encompasses more efficient borehole heat exchangers, more efficient pump and piping optimization, utilization of high efficiency frictionless chillers for geoexchange, and other aspects for a system wide approach ultimately resulting in a fourfold increase in geoexchange BTU/$.

At Blake’s new warehouse facility in CT, he has installed a geo-exchange research facility with 4 different borehole heat exchanger styles to monitor and measure performance for comparison to commercial software calculation models for improvement of the software used in the industry.

While with Turner Building Science, Mr. Harrison developed and received a patent for hybrid integration of thermal solar and geoexchange into a combined system for higher efficiency.

Recent activities designing and installing both horizontal and deep borehole closed loop geoexchange systems have included many variations for hybrid thermal solar / geoexchange heating and cooling systems This hybrid application of his collection of peak performance equipment typically provides more BTU’s / dollar than previously engineered systems.

Previous to joining BGH, Mr. Harrison spent 6 years as a principal with Turner Building Science & Design, 16 years as the principal of Building Tech Services - Consulting Engineers, 10 years as a mechanical engineer with Neill & Gunter, Inc., providing mechanical and electrical consulting engineering services and two years working for Carrier Corp. in the industrial chiller department.